How to Get Free Traffic to Your Business Blog Web Design

This article will explore and provide some hints as to how good quality content in the form of articles submitted to Directories and present on a web site can draw potential customers, even when a site has low search engine rankings. When your targeted article content manages to draw readers and lead them to your web site or business blog, the value of the content found by the visitor on your site must equally be up to standard.

1. Article power
Many readers of this publication will immediately only think about articles in the context of publishing to Article Directories for the purpose of link building. Well that is most certain one of the motivations particularly for those in the high paced internet marketing segment. However when quality content that is able to address the needs and problems of your niche market is submitted to directories, these publications have the ability to appear in a search engine results page long before any blog or web site surfaces on the front pages of a search result.

Informed site owners have come to realize the power of and importance of articles submitted to directories as well as the quality of corresponding information found on their business blog or web site.

More searches are heading towards the internet for their information needs every day, and providing targeted information via articles in directories that lead them back to your site will most certainly increase the flow of your website visitors.

With more visitors your business can enjoy increased business activity.
The importance of quality, well written and keyword packed articles for the content of a business blog or website design has increased dramatically, particularly for those sites that wish to utilize newsletter opt-in to build a subscriber list. A common occurrence that seems to be on the increase is the growing number of SERP’s showing up that contain publications linked to business blogs and web sites.

2. Opt-in list building and grow your business
The secret of free list building is simple – there is no secret. Your well written articles submitted to the directories that is content rich, niche focuses and useful information lands up on the search engine result, or from a topic search results at many of the directories, 24/7. A well crafted resource box leads them to your site with a teaser invitation. This is where the list building strategy begins. As more visitors are enticed to your site they should be met with relevant and credible information related to the teaser…

Regrettable this is where many site owners immediately begin to “Hard Sell” in place of first building trust and a subscriber relationship.
When the visitors have read the teasers of the content in your site or blog, they will be interested enough to subscribe to get more information. Subscribing to a newsletter invariable implies that the reader is interested in the subject matter and wants to find out what you have to offer next.

This opt-in marketing strategy is quite low cost low and can be fully automated. If you happen to use a WordPress platform for your blog this activity is virtually free. Once a subscriber has confirmed the subscription you now have a niche related customer ready to receive offers and information about your business, product or service. All you need to do is ensure that the quality of the information provided is helpful, useful and valuable to the reader.